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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ever have one of those DOH moments as a parent?

Ever have one of those DOH moments as a parent? That was me tonight. Our 11 1/2 month old daughter has been teething and trying her best to sleep in her crib in her room and mommy (me) has been trying to help. I had been leaving her bedroom door cracked. WRONG!!! (Thank you mom for the heads up!) I may have to install a webcam with night vision though not being able to go and physically see her was driving me nuts. Then since I closed her door I wanted to provide her some comfort in the form of a little light.... Wrong again! DOH! I realized in my sleepless delirium that she was waking up and fuss crying every 30 minutes or so. Recalling when she slept in our room she slept better sooner and longer when I would have all the lights off and the tv off, I figured I'd go turn off the "comfort" light I provided. NO wait if I enter and my presence is observed or detected that is another scream and yell at mommy and then a crying fit for then next hour. hmmm... Then it hit me, turn off the power to just her room. WOW !!! talk about instant gratification, she stopped mid fuss and was back to snoring in less than a minute. Off to bed for me now.

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