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Monday, August 3, 2015

First tie dye

First attempt at tie dyeing 
letters "A" and "S".

The Letter "A"
I used a half paper towel for the letter A.
While dry I a drew the letter "A"free hand.
Folded in half vertically. 
Then started folding as use would a star. Adding an additional fold for the center line.
When all folds were finished it was a single straight line.
Accordion folding across the line and securing with a rubber band. 
Finished by gathering the remains and rubber banding, for a total of two bands.
Ran it under the water and squeezed out excess.
Added dye and dried it in the microwave. 

The Letter "S"
Is a baby/face wet wipe from Sams Club.
Free handed the letter "S" in washable maker.
Making sure to go all the was from the top to the bottom, this allows the rubber band to be applied.
Next accordion fold from top to bottom or vice versa, creating a straight line. 
Secure first rubberband, effectively dividng the fabric in half.
Following loosely previous folds I added a band on either side of the first, for a total of three bands.
Added dye in sink.
Microwaved to set colors.
Waited for it to cool
Cut off rubber bands.
Rinsed and twisted out excess dye. 

Stayed tuned, I will be trying to dye all the letters soon. 

Enjoy and keep dyeing! :):